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Audience Engagement

About Me

Hi, I'm Sydney Kalich. I am a digital enthusiast and storyteller. Currently, I am a senior digital producer at NewsNation, the fastest-growing cable news network in the country, where I manage audience development, newsletters and syndication. I am strong concise storyteller with a passion for helping others and experimenting with platforms and ways to tell stories. I am a capable newsroom manager and leader who cultivates an atmosphere of collaboration and creativity.

Prior to NewsNation,  I was a digital news and video producer at NBC Los Angeles where I covered natural disasters, the death of Kobe Bryant, COVID-19 in Southern California and celebrity news. While there, I also wrote hyperlocal news and lifestyle pieces. I graduated from the University of Missouri School of Journalism. M-I-Z!

When I'm not working, I am either teaching a yoga class or exploring Chicago.  I love traveling and am a big foodie so if you aren't here with a story tip or on journalism business, drop me a restaurant rec.  

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