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Richard Ramirez 'The Nightstalker' is Caught

In this special project, I showcased my ability to tell stories in a compelling and captivating way . I used thoughtful yet sharp language, digital archives and interactive maps to explain the emotional impact and terror just a few months had on a group of Angelenos.  This was completed August 2019.

Podcast: Media freedom in Honduras: Index speaks with Dina Meza

During my time at Index on Censorship, I was able to pursue my passion of social justice reporting and data journalism while being exposed to countries around the world. For this podcast I interviewed journalist Dina Meza about the repression of freedom of expression and freedom of the press in Honduras. Meza does not speak English so I used the help of a translator to communicate with Meza.  This podcast and subsequent write up was first featured  by Index on Censorship  in February of 2018. 

Running NBCLA and Telemundo 52's Youtube Channels

I ran the NBCLA Youtube account during my time there where in my 11 months running the account, subscribers and revenue have more than doubled, watch time has tripled and we have expanded our video content. I have an understanding of what makes intriguing videos, what is great storytelling and what will work with our audience. For more information on my work with Youtube please email me. 

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 9.04.58 PM.png

I took over the NBCLA Youtube Account in August 2019. Subscribers jumped from 5k subscribers to 87k subscribers during my time at the helm. I implemented creative Youtube playlists, changed Youtube strategy and developed an understanding of Youtube's everchanging algorithm to achieve this result. 

49 Years Ago: Charles Manson and Followers Murderous Rampage

For this interactive story map I used  research and data journalism. I was able to dive into the history of this case and verify all elements of it to accurately tell the story in an unique format.  I learned the basics of coding to complete this interactive map. To view the embedded media please view on a laptop or desktop computer. The media and subsequent write up was completed in August 2018.

Election Night 2018 Medical Marijuana Initiatives Digital Reporting

For Election Night 2018, I was a digital reporter for KOMU 8 News for the three medical marijuana initiatives on the ballot, which was one of the biggest races in the state. I set up and reported in a Facebook live at one of the watch parties. 

As well as doing Facebook lives, I live tweeted the results as they came in. I also interviewed people both on the streets and at the event about their thoughts on the election. This is one of the Twitter videos I put together with another reporter in the field. 

Cerro Gordo Ghost Town Gallery and Articles  
Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 5.42.17 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 5.43.22 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 5.43.15 PM.png

This was a very fun and intriguing project. I was able to use humor, wit and creativity in this summer long project. This project features original reporting, historical research and a photo gallery. I made this project a summer long task starting in June 2018 with the town being introduced to the market and in July 2018 I followed up with the new owners of Cerro Gordo as well as the caretaker who has lived in Cerro Gordo for over 20 years.

Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 5.44.34 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 5.42.56 PM.png

I worked with NBC's digital innovation team to write the article and create a gallery for their documentary on SMART. I really enjoy longer projects so this was a great one to get involved in and a great way to learn about documentary film making. I worked directly with the documentary team to make sure that the article and gallery were cohesive with the documentary. I even followed up with some sources to further the story. 

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