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Index on Censorship

Index on Censorship is an international organization that has promoted and defended the right to freedom of expression for nearly 50 years. Here are some highlights from my time there.

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Hamid Ismailov deserves an apology. Or at the very least, an explanation.

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Index on Censorship’s Mapping Media Freedom project verifies threats, violations and limitations faced by the media throughout the European Union and neighbouring countries. Serious threats verified by the platform in January indicate that pressure has not let up in 2018. Here are five recent reports that give us cause for concern.

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With political turmoil and protests following the 2017 re-election of president Juan Orlando Hernández, repression of information has become commonplace in Honduras. 

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Since 1992 Honduran journalist Dina Meza has been investigating corruption and violations of free speech throughout South America, including the murder of journalists in Honduras. A staunch defender of human rights, she has reported on police brutality, murder and conflict from the troubled Bajo Aguán region.

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