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In this Facebook live I interviewed a dermatologist about mask rash  and face mask irritation. Using different digital media platforms to report is a passion of mine. 

Election Night 2018 Medical Marijuana Initiatives Digital Reporting

For Election Night 2018, I was a digital reporter for KOMU 8 News for the three medical marijuana initiatives on the ballot, which was one of the biggest races in the state. I set up and reported in a Facebook live at one of the watch parties. 

As well as doing Facebook lives, I live tweeted the results as they came in. I also interviewed people both on the streets and at the event about their thoughts on the election. This is one of the Twitter videos I put together with another reporter in the field. 

Protestors, pop-up merchandise stands prepare for Trump visit

Before President Trump's rally for Josh Hawley in Columbia, I talked to both opponents and entrepreneurs looking to cash in on the visit. KOMU 8 News, October 2018. 

For this story, I covered a Craigslist scam hitting Jefferson City. Rather than speak with talking heads, I spoke directly with the family being affected. I told their story of how their home of 24 years was being tainted by the scam. KOMU 8 News, February 2019.


As a video producer at NBCLA I am skilled in putting together quick turn viral videos for social media. I have covered crime stories, to viral dances to Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremonies. Here is a more light-hearted one. For more of my NBC work please contact me. 

Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 2.18.49 PM.png

This story was a follow up from the Craigslist scam I did the month before. KOMU 8 News, March 2019. 

This story was a Target 8 Investigation follow up.  An interactive timeline and article is also attached. KOMU 8 News, February 2019.

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